Sunday, September 12, 2010


These gorgeous little owls are my favorite in my shop.  They are new to my collection and make me feel unique!  Owls are a popular trend right now you seem to find them everywhere! 

Which reminds me when I was a little girl my grandfather use to have a set of 3 owls as cookie jars. They were always filled with goodies for my brother and I.  When he passed in 2007 my mom had asked if I would like to go through his house for anything I wanted.  All I could think of was those owl cookie jars, they were the only things I could relate my wonderful childhood I had enjoyed with him.  They are the only pieces I took from his house.

Since Owls seem to be a popular trend again I think I will finally put them out in my kitchen for everyone to see.  It will feel more homey knowing I have a piece of my grandfather in my house with me!

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LjWood said...

I love owls, I guess I'm a total follower when it comes to that trend. It's funny how I think they're so cute but when I hear one hooting outside my window I all of a sudden feel like the grim reaper is waiting for me.

Such a sweet story about your grandfather too <3